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JonBenet; the cobweb


One of the pieces of new evidence to emerge from James Kolar’s book being published is that crime scene footage of the basement has now become public.

The video can be viewed here    http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2012/07/18/new-clues-in-jonbenet-ramsey-murder.html ….the police light picks up on a cobweb in the left hand corner of the window…it is intact, quite thick and swaying in the breeze.  If an intruder had gained entry and exit from this window how did the cobweb remain intact to this extent?

When you view Lou Smit reconstructing his intruder scenario you can see that he slides down through this window space more or less on his behind. There is a slight gap to the left hand side, but it is only slight and if the intruder climbed back out of this window it’s highly unlikely in my opinion that he would have done so and not scooped this cobweb aside.. one would assume because Lou Smit had access to the case information that he would have viewed this video…if he did then why did he not address this issue in his reconstruction and show how it would have been possible to have got through the window and not disturbed the cobweb…    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KkcRBbTpmM

JonBenét Ramsey

JonBenét Ramsey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.There is information from police on the scene that there was also an intact cobweb over the grate which would have to have been moved to gain access to the window…this was unfortunately not photographed or videoed at the time.

I am IDI ( intruder did it) but having reviewed this latest evidence I have discounted the possibility that the intruder got in this way.


New Evidence in the JonBenet Ramsey case?





Well the much anticipated news finally arrived in the form of a new book out by James Kolar, a former investigator for the DA on the Ramsey case. Here is a link to a radio show that aired last night and on which he speaks and answers question



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What new evidence is there then? It’s apparent from the show that there is  more in the book which is 500 pages long, which he wasn’t prepared to reveal on the show…he needs to get his money back afterall. ( he states that he will donate excess profits to a children’s charity)

I am left a little confused about the DNA evidence …..have they really got 6 different sets of DNA indicating 6 separate persons? This wasn’t clear….perhaps it’s explained better in the book?

There was a cobweb on the window sill, there was still glass on the sill…….I can see the argument that an intruder would have disturbed this …watching Lou Smit climb through that window on his demonstration ,,, I have to agree the intruder would have disturbed this…….but why did Smit persist with this theory when he had seen the video footage? Sadly he’s not hear to ask.

There may be a possible explanation for the marks on JonBenet corresponding with that of a toy found in the basement….what toy ? has any one done any tests to prove this?

There is new evidence relating to a box of chocolates in JonBenet’s room!!!!!……this is in the book , nothing else was said in the radio show about this…

English: A Russell Stovers box of milk chocolates.


Kolar confirmed that the garrotte was functional and effective and was used to full effect…it did pull hair out of her head and neck,,, it did as we have seen from the photos , leave deep marks in her neck.


There was a urine stain belonging to JonBenet on the carpet outside the wine cellar where she was found……she urinated on her stomach, which is bore out by the urine stain on her leggings…she was killed (?) in the room outside the wine cellar….

I’m going to have to get this book ain’t I ?



Crime has always fascinated me from an early age. I remember keeping a “death scrapbook” , while other girls my age were keeping pictures of Barbie dolls and ponies I was keeping pictures and newspaper cuttings of murder and death. Jeez , sounds kinda freaky now I’ve written that down, but it’s true….I started out with the death of Elvis and progressed to John Lennon….then on to the Yorkshire Ripper….

I recall watching Fatal Vision on TV and buying the book, I would rush home from work, change into cami top and shorts and head out to the garden sun lounger with my copy of Fatal Vision and read until dinner time…

About 4 years ago I was going through my own personal tragedy and was trying to find something on the net to distract me from my grief when I came across an article on JonBenet Ramsey….I remembered hearing about the crime at the time but it didn’t grab ,me back then, it wasn’t reported as widely here in the UK as it seems to have been in the US.

I started to research more and spent hours trawling through information on the net, this led to the purchase of several books on the subject. It also led me to join an online discussion forum from which I have formed close friendships which I know will remain precious to me for ever…..


There is talk on another forum (which shall remain nameless) that today there will be revealed some “startling new evidence” in this case. This has been promoted as a “tease” and posters have been whipped into “excitement” at the thought, mostly it seems because they are “RDI” ( Ramsey did it) and are convinced the new evidence points towards a parent’s guilt.

For me this leaves a somewhat bad taste in the mouth……since when should we get “excited” about something like this? Yes , it will be interesting if some new information comes to light, but “excited” I hope not. Perhaps there is something of “car crash syndrome” with true life crime, we have to slow down and take a look. Personally I always make a point of not slowing down, I look straight ahead and drive on when ever there is an accident to pass, I take this “moral high ground” but with  crime I do have to take a look , I can’t help it.

There is speculation that the new information is contained in yet another book on the subject written by someone with “insider” knowledge. We shall see……

This case is without doubt the greatest murder mystery of the modern age ( Jack the Ripper has to be the top mystery from days gone by) but at the heart of it all is the death of a special little girl…the hope that one day justice will be served for her keeps me watching for news on this case. I will also , for what it’s worth , keep posting on my favourite forum , possibly in the vain hope that we might actually solve one of the many puzzles that surround this tragic case…..you never know , stranger things have happened…