JonBenet; the cobweb


One of the pieces of new evidence to emerge from James Kolar’s book being published is that crime scene footage of the basement has now become public.

The video can be viewed here ….the police light picks up on a cobweb in the left hand corner of the window…it is intact, quite thick and swaying in the breeze.  If an intruder had gained entry and exit from this window how did the cobweb remain intact to this extent?

When you view Lou Smit reconstructing his intruder scenario you can see that he slides down through this window space more or less on his behind. There is a slight gap to the left hand side, but it is only slight and if the intruder climbed back out of this window it’s highly unlikely in my opinion that he would have done so and not scooped this cobweb aside.. one would assume because Lou Smit had access to the case information that he would have viewed this video…if he did then why did he not address this issue in his reconstruction and show how it would have been possible to have got through the window and not disturbed the cobweb…

JonBenét Ramsey

JonBenét Ramsey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

.There is information from police on the scene that there was also an intact cobweb over the grate which would have to have been moved to gain access to the window…this was unfortunately not photographed or videoed at the time.

I am IDI ( intruder did it) but having reviewed this latest evidence I have discounted the possibility that the intruder got in this way.


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