Martha’s Vineyard


I live in England I’ve only ever been to America twice, both times to Disneyland Florida, so I guess I haven’t really visited America yet.

My next visit will be to Martha’s Vineyard, there is something artistic about the photo below……that has to be Dreyfus right? He’s the same height, build, beard, glasses…….it can’t not be. It’s a shame there isn’t a dead shark in this photo as that would surely complete the look.

BTW this is my first ever bloggin post! yea I mean how hard can it be , this writing malarky? You think of something, you write it down, I mean I think of stuff ALL the time, my mind doesn’t stop from the time it wakes up until the time it sleeps.

I decided the two things I’m most passionate about has to be true crime and art. So, I’ve decided to combine the 2 on here and see what happens…



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